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Blast from the past

Wow!  I didn’t even know Sony was still making cassette players!  Sounds like they might finally start the process of the shutting down build operations for the players now though. Also it appears they are shutting down 3.5 inch floppy manufacturing in March of next year!


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Scott Hanselman has done a great post on NDepend (although it is now over three years old) that I need to read when I get a chance.  I want to run NDepend on a few of my projects but I have been reading that it can be a bit of information overload unless you have an idea of where to start so I think I’ll crank up NDepend and read through Scott’s post as a starting point.  I’m always one for going over old code a refactoring to improve maintainability and hopefully find and fix more bugs.


EDIT:  Oops forgot the link.

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Microsoft to contribute to jQuery

Great news from Microsoft last week. They will be contributing to the jQuery library!  They have been supplying the jQuery script in their MVC project templates and I think they are in all of the project templates in VS 2010 (haven’t played around with the 2010 beta yet so don’t quote me on that) but now they have taken it to the next step by actually contributing.  This bodes well for the library as the backing of a multibillion dollar company and its engineers should help to make it that much better.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t get diluted with IE specific JavaScript though!

Here’s the link.

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Scott Hanselman to the Rescue!

Thanks to Scott Hanselman for this post that really saved my butt.  I kept getting a “Generic GDI+ error” on our production IIS 6 server running Windows Server 2003 when I tried to write a chart created with the free ASP.NET chart control directly to the response stream.  I was writing it out as a PNG and according to Scott I needed to write the PNG to a seekable stream first (MemoryStream) before I wrote it to the response stream.  When I did this it worked great in production!  Thanks again Scott!

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DRM and It’s Ilk

So it turns out Chris Pirillo is now doing a tech column over at  I just read his article on DRM ( and it got me thinking about how I purchase and listen to music and video content.

I have various online accounts for media.  My primary account for music is at Napster and for movies it is Netflix.  I have been burned so many times by DRM that I can’t even remember.  I used to use Urge in Windows Media Player.  They went belly up (supposedly my license was moved to Rhapsody but I can’t stand that service so I haven’t attempted to try and pull down my purchased songs from there).  I’ve used Napster now for over a year and I like the service, mostly, but I have run into the limit on how many computers I can have a song on so that’s left a bad taste in my mouth.

Now Netflix.  Oh Netflix!  I have been trying to get the instant viewing capability to work on my machine for a few months now and I’m still getting a DRM error every time.  I finally gave up on the service and will be cancelling my Netflix account shortly (we don’t watch enough movies anymore to make it worth the money).  I liked the ability to watch past seasons of TV shows when the service worked but it’s not worth spending the time to wrestle with the DRM to get it working.

DRM is the devil.  The RIAA and MPAA are not gaining anything from requiring such draconian measures by content providers.  They are simply alienating the very people with which their business depends on.  The music and movie industry need to wake up and realize that it is a different age now.  They are no longer the only source of music and movies.  Thanks to the Internet and inexpensive consumer cameras and audio equipment anyone can become a content creator and sell their content online.  People are finding business models for selling independent works of art on the Internet and it is only a matter of time till the RIAA and MPAA are seen as dinosaurs (in many respects they already are).

If you are interested in watching a quality, intelligent presentation on DRM and copyright laws then I would suggest you watch Lawrence Lessig’s presentation at the TED conference.  Lawrence who is a lawyer himself presents his ideas on copyright laws, DRM and how to fix them.  It is a very insightful presentation and I encourage you to watch and think about this issue before you submit to anymore of the DRM content out there.

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The workplace juggling act

I have found in recent months at my job that ability to stay sane while juggling multiple responsibilities is becoming harder and harder.  I have tried various ways to stay organized but I still end up missing something.  I recently have been given more responsibility at my workplace and while that’s great and all that also means a lot more stress and more gray hairs.  Add to that the fact that I’m getting married and having a kid this year I think I’m going to freak out.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit there but it is definitely highly stressful right now in my life.  How do you deal with the high stress periods in your life?  Let me know.

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Starting a business

Well I decided to take the plunge recently and start an online business.  There is so much to do I don’t know where to start!  Between figuring out the business plan and building the site it will be pretty busy around here for a while!  Stay tuned for more information!

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Working Out

Well just about to head out to the gym.  Pretty tired tonight so I’ll take it easy.  Got to quit staying up so late!  Probably do some weight training on the legs and run a mile on the tread mill.  I’ve been pretty lax on the workouts the last couple of weeks so every little bit will help at this point.  I’m trying to work on sections of the body at each workout so this time will be the legs tomorrow will probably be upper body/core.  What is your workout regimen like?  Do you stagger your type of workouts like I do or do you tend to do everything at once?  Let me know.  I’m curious how other people go about their workouts.

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Interesting Info on How Lithium Ion Batteries Can Explode


Apple and Dell have recalled some batteries for their laptops produced by Sony.  The batteries had a production flaw that could cause them to explode.  This article has a bit more information on how a litium ion battery would explode.  Interesting…

When Litium-Ion Batteries Go Bad

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Schneier Is So Very Right


What The Terrorists Want

Schneier tells it like it is.  I wish there were more people like him showing up on news shows instead of the talking heads that try and spread FUD about the state of national and international security.  If there were enought guys like Bruce showing a different light on the subject we might not have all these planes being diverted because one guy looks like the guys from 9/11 and is playing with his cell phone a lot.  I also saw on my local news that they interviewed some people in the US that were willing to allow airport security to openly (many do it somewhat overtly right now anyway) profile certain ethnic groups because of the recent occurrences.   Sad, just plain sad.  Big brother please save us from ourselves!  Oh man the thought police are coming for me I better shut up!

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